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Hey there! My name is Sid and I’m a SAAS marketer. Here are some of the companies I’ve worked at or consulted for – Thinkific, Gorgias, Typeform, Olark, ClickUp, and more.

I’ve helped these companies grow in various capacities – from consultant to freelance to employee. Most recently, I helped grow Thinkific from zero to a multi-million dollar company and the most popular online course platform in less than two years.

I live and breathe SAAS marketing. My in-depth industry expertise and experience across companies means I can help yours identify the fastest way to grow and implement the right strategies. Have a look at my services below to get started.

Free 30-Minute Intro Session

Want to learn more about me, share your current situation, and jam on some ideas? Sounds great, I offer free introduction sessions so that we can get to know each other better.

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1-Hour Consultation Session

Feeling stuck in your marketing? Need an outside opinion, feedback on a campaign, or just some fresh ideas? Write to me to book a one-off consultation session.

You’ll end the call with actionable advice that you can implement immediately or your money back.

Full-Day Planning Session

Nothing unites and incentivizes a marketing team better than a challenging MRR or Lead Gen target and a solid plan to get there. I’ll come to your offices to meet with your team and¬†create a growth plan for the rest of the quarter or year. We’ll start with a channel identification framework to figure out the best areas for your team to focus on. From this, we’ll create an overarching strategy with KPIs and targets to hit. We’ll then dig into the actual tactics and create a numbers-driven plan to get to those targets. At the end of the session, your marketing team will know exactly what to do and how.

Weekly Consulting

No plan survives first contact with the enemy. It’s good to have a strategy and an action plan but things can and will go wrong. A campaign goes bust, your ads are too expensive, your content isn’t performing as planned. With a weekly 1-hour call, I can help you understand why things are going off-track and how to bring it back on track. I’ll look at the data and suggest modifications to your campaigns and tactics so that you can hit your goals.

Ongoing Implementation

Don’t have enough resources on your team to execute your strategies? I can help with that. If you’ve found that channels like Content or PPC work for you, it often makes sense to outsource it so that you can scale it up rapidly, instead of going through the hassle of hiring someone in-house. I’ll work closely with your team to design and run campaigns that are aligned with your brand and other marketing initiatives. For example, if you need help with running ad campaigns, I won’t just put them up for you. I’ll also help construct the full customer experience, from ads to landing pages, to emails and retargeting to nurture leads. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

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